Saturday, February 28, 2009

Enforcing Rule #1

Please see the earlier post for the details on rule #1

Sensory Mommy does not tolerate nakedness. So there are two choices:
1) A knock down drag out fight every day
2) Modifications to the daily routine to give Crash a sense of predictability and control.

I went with the second option (Although I have to admit we spent quite a bit of time on option one. The results were not pretty and we quite tiresome for all).

So, what did we do.

1. We made Crash a visual schedule using pictures of all the events that had to be completed as part of his morning routine and were very specific. We used characters from the movie Cars as well on the visual schedule to make it more appealing and motivating for him.

Items included on this schedule included:
eat breakfast
Take off PJ's
put on underwear
put on pants
put on shirt
get surprise

The rationale:
The order of the schedule was very specific. Having breakfast first gives him time to wake up. He did not experience a sensory overload right away because he was still in his comfy pj's from last night. We put the brushing protocol in to help alert/excite the tactile receptors in his skin. "Our skin is our largest sensory organ, followed closely by our muscles and skeleton, connected by our nervous system and governed by our brain. The sensory systems feed information from our environment, through sense receptors, and neural impulses via our nervous system, directly to the brain. The brain then organizes it, sends it back through the nervous system for use as understanding, adaptation, learning, and skill development." Wilbarger Brushing Protocol
From experience, we know that Crash's shirt is the most challenging item, so we placed two easier items before it and a surprise after it. He still states that he won't put on his shirt before we begin. I point to the other items and say don't worry about your shirt, your schedule says underwear first. By the time we get to the shirt, it is the schedule enforcing the routine and not me. Our surprises vary day to day and I never tell him what it is. Some days he can watch a special TV show and other days he gets a piece of string cheese. He is happy with whatever he gets. I can't say that this schedule works 100% of the time, but it prevents 99% of our knock down drag out arguments.

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