Saturday, February 28, 2009

Maintaining the peace

Every police officer strives to maintain peace and harmony in his community. This is no different with our Police Officer. He has come to recognize some of the characteristics of "disregulation" in Crash and attempts to help him to restore the peace in our house. Take this conversation for example:

Police Officer: Crash, do you want me to brush you?
Crash: Yeah.
Police Officer: Do you want your arm or leg first?
(Police Officer completes the Brushing protocol)

Police Officer: Crash do you want squishes?
Crash: Yeah.

Click here to find out more about the brushing protocol

I find it very interesting that in this instant this 4 year -old identified when his brother would benefit from a specific technique and implement it from beginning to end in a very respectful and appropriate manner. He knows to ask before touching his brother and to give him choices so he feels in control of the situation. Way to go my little Police Officer. I will omit the all out brawl that happened a few minutes later over some favorite toy and bask in the glow of the moment.

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