Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rule # 2

Rule # 2: Only bears can hibernate during the winter.

As nice and idealistic as it sounds to only go outside when the weather is above freezing, it just isn't practical living in the mid-west. Winter happens and there is nothing anybody can do about it except hope for an early spring. Very few people look forward to bundling up, but life goes on or they move south.

Our family enjoys sledding outings, building snowmen, and usually spend hours shoveling each winter. The Police Officer thinks it is his sole responsibility to move all the snow that has been shoveled off the side walk back onto the sidewalk. He asks to go outside all the time and hurries to get all the layers of clothing on to be the first one to make footprints in the fresh snowfall.

Crash has never asked to go outside in the winter. In fact he has only played in the snow twice this year and that was under protest. He would be happy if rule # 2 was: Humans hibernate during the winter. Because this is not the case, here are Crash's rules about winter clothing:
Rule #1: Coats are scary
Rule #2: Coats are squishy
Rule #3: Snowpants are too squishy and too noisy
Rule #4: Mittens are too noisy (the waterproof material makes a swishing sound when you rub your hands together)
Rule #5: Boots are to squishy
Rule #6: Snow is too wet

I suppose I could go on, but I bet you get the idea. When asked if he wants to go outside to play he simply says no. When asked why he says it is too scary. He will watch from the window or happily read a book relieved that he isn't being made to endure the torture of these winter items.

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