Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rule #3

Rule #3: Bowl with your buddies

Sounds like a very common practice in the bowling alley, but what about in your house with Crash playing the role of the human bowling ball?
This isn't necessarily a huge problem in our house since the Police Officer is bigger than Crash and it is quite hard to get a "strike" (however, it is possible). While visiting relatives, this is another story (especially when visiting the littlest ones).

Crash quite frequently bowls "strikes" when visiting his little cousin. He truly loves this little guy and enjoys playing with him, but has been told countless times that little cousins can "break" and we have to be very careful with our body (hands, arms, legs, etc...) so little cousins don't fall over.

From an outsider prospective, Crash appears to blatantly disregard this rule. He is frequently be talked to or timed out for violations. And to make matters worse he is laughing while he is committing the offense. Does he really not care that he is hurting others?

Without a doubt, he does not want to hurt anyone. He is NOT laughing because he is causing pain or in glee for disregarding rules.

So what's going on...

Everyone is familiar with the 5 senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch), but there are a few more. One is the PROPRIOCEPTIVE sense which involves "sensory input and feedback that tells us about movement and body position. It's "receptors" are located within our muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues. It is one of the "deep senses" and could be considered the "position sense" (

Therefore the sensory receptors inside Crash's muscles, joints, and tendons receive "faulty" messages about how he is moving and where his body is in space. Crash is in constant movement to help his body know where it is. Crashing into people or other objects helps provide this awareness and it helps him feel secure in his environment.

Check out this interesting article about sensory processing:

Sensory Processing: Through the Eyes of Dysfunction

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