Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One of the biggest changes this summer for Crash was SLEEP! When summer started Crash went to bed at 6 pm but didn't fall asleep until 9-11 pm. He was up several times a night and was terrified of the dark, his bedroom, his bed, etc... We would find him sleeping in the hallway on the floor, on the floor of our room, basicly any where but his bed in his bedroom. With one sleep deprived child in the house, you can imagine the snowball effect that can happen and how it can wreck havoc on an entire family. We were all a little on edge. Crash was already seeing an Occupational Therapist, but it really seemed as though we needed more help (or hard core drugs for everyone).

After bringing this up to Crash's Occupational therapist, she suggested trying melatonin (a dietary supplement). After consulting with Crash's pediatrician, we determined how much and when to take each dose. Melatonin is a
"neurohormone" that is produced in humans in the pineal
gland. It governs the body's circadian rhythms helping the
body ease into a restful sleep."

In other words...it takes a child who is typically high energy full steam ahead and allows them to slow the engines down and begin to relax. This occurs naturally in more people, but is very difficult for Crash.

Crash takes the liquid sublingual form (finding this gluten free was challenging and had to be ordered online) and after 20 minutes he is rubbing his eyes and ready for bed. He is becoming more flexible on his bedtime routine, stays in bed, sleeps on his mattress, and sleeps all night, and sleeps in the dark! (Granted he still sleeps in the hallway...but we will take that for now). A well rested family is a much happier family.

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