Monday, November 30, 2009

Rule #6

Rule #6: You have to brush your teeth with whatever toothpaste is in the house.

No one wants to smell. Bad breath is a huge turn off no matter what your age. Tooth brushing in our house in not negotiable. Luckily we crossed this bridge ages ago and found a couple tricks like using an electric toothbrush to make this job easier. In this simple activity that occurs a couple times every day, I hadn't realized an inflexible routine had been established. It has been well documented that Crash has great difficulty with changes in routine. We try had to shake things up to keep him on his toes (at least until the changes in his routine begin to drive us crazy). So it was here in the middle of the tooth brushing routine that the "Crest vs. Colgate" war developed.
Crash loves the movie Cars, to motivate him to brush his teeth, I have purchased Cars toothpaste. I didn't think anything of it. Well, we got to grandmas's the other day and it was time to brush teeth and much to Crash's surprise was...CREST toothpaste. Uh would have thought the world was coming to an end. We have already established that it is not an option, you have to brush your teeth, so what is one to do...

1. Give in (it's grandma's house maybe Crash won't generalize the new rule that you don't have to brush your teeth)
2. Brush Without toothpaste (again hoping he doesn't generalize this new rule)
3. Go to the store and buy the RIGHT toothpaste (A 3 year old can't win)
4. Use the NEW toothpaste.

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