Monday, December 14, 2009

Rule #7

Rule #7: Life occurs outside a box

Life is never predictable. Just when you create a plan for the day something happens and the plan (or at least part of the plan) goes out the window. It happens so frequently that the little changes in ones life don't even affect us, we just adapt and continue. Take for example getting dressed in the morning. One of two things usually happens
1. I have already pre-decided what to wear.
2. I walk into my closet and look over the wide assortment of
clothes and pick something appropriate.
If something that I wanted to wear happened to be in the wash or the weather had changed and was no longer appropriate I quickly move on to another option. Life continues even though my plan changes. I adapt and my world continues. I may choose to go out for coffee later that afternoon with one of my friends. As I pull into the parking lot, I get a call that she has to cancel. One of two things usually happens
1. I go ahead and order coffee for myself
2. I continue on with my errands for the rest of the day and
reschedule coffee.
Again my plans had changed. I may be a little disappointed I can not get together with one of my friends, but again I adapted with little to no effort. My life is easily lived "outside" the box.

Crash on the other hand would prefer to live "inside' the box. It is quite all right with him to only have a small handful of acceptable outfits to wear, and even more acceptable to sit naked in front of the washing machine as one of THE outfits gets washed so he can wear it for the day. It would even be ok with him if this happened every day and he only had one outfit (as long as it was THE right outfit). If Crash were to have a preplanned activity canceled or changed at the last minute it would result in hysterical crying. After the recovery it would be quite all right with him NEVER to schedule a similar activity again.

Notice the walls of the box closing in??

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