Monday, March 15, 2010

Social Stories and Scripts

Today, our family did a service project at a local senior living complex.  Our task was to hand out carnations.  Seems pretty easy and non-threatening.  However, for a child who does not understand social situations very well, it could have been very alarming.  To make a long story short...Crash did a beautiful job!  I couldn't have been prouder of him.

So how did the impossible become possible?  A magic another child for the day....(tempting, but no.) 

A  social story with scripted language.

We started talking about the project a week ago, and turned it into a simple social story a little like this:
On Monday we will go visit some new people. 
We will bring some special flowers with us. 
When we get there we will use inside voices and walk. 
When we see someone, Crash can say "Would you like a flower?"
If the person says yes, Crash will give them a flower.
Then Crash will say "Have a good day."
If the person says no, Crash will keep the flower in the bucket and say "Have a good day."

Seems like a very silly story to tell a child, but it prepared him for the situation and set my expectations for his behavior.  Everything went according to the story and my seemingly shy little boy who normally avoids situations was participating along side his brother. 

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