Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trouble Ahead

Early Morning Signs of Trouble Ahead...

Do you ever just wake up and know "it's going to be one of THOSE days."?  Maybe you missed your alarm and are running late, or are out of milk for your cereal, or maybe you work up with a headache.  Whatever IT is, you know it, and IT has the remarkable ability to forecast the rest of your day.

Well, it was one of THOSE days for Crash.  How do I know?  I am so glad you asked.  Here are some symptoms of Trouble Ahead.
  • Your T-shirts are too itchy, sweatshirts are too scratchy, the bottom of the shirt hurts your stomach
  • Your pants are too soft
  • Your socks are too little, the seams are too big
  • Your shoes can not be tied tight enough
So then what happens???  You some how manage to get dressed because nakedness is not acceptable, but does your day turn around?
  • Your bed sheets can't be made straight enough
  • Your toothbrush is not how you expected
  • Your bathroom fan is too loud
  • Your spot at the table has been occupied by someone else
  • Your cereal is too crunchy
  • Your toast causes you to gag
Yet you make it through breakfast because sustenance is vital to life, but does your day turn around?
  • Now you have to go to school...
What results?
A brave and strong 4 year-old reduced to tears crying in your arms.  Lucky for him....we have a entire arsenal to combat THOSE days.  Today we chose a little deep pressure (some great big whole body hugs) and some proprioceptive input (pushing against my arms and jumping) as well as the reassurance he will be picked up in 2 hours in the form of a social story about school, was enough to help him regulate himself and calm down enough to face the challenges of preschool head on.  By the time he got to school he was the beautiful happy little boy we know sitting down at the table to play with his friends.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Yes, I've had these days and it feels SO GOOD when they're able to turn their day around. Yay! Then I drop my son off at preschool and look at my it really only 8:30 am?? If the rest of the world knew what our kiddos endure on a daily basis...."brave and strong" is right! :)