Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Never-Ending Cycyle of Laundry

I never thought it was humanly possible for one little creature to create an entire load of laundry in one day.  A pair of pajamas, 2 pairs of under wear, a shirt, pants, and socks most certainly will not fill up even the smallest of washing machines. 

Since we are talking about Crash here, I am even willing to concede an extra shirt (on the off chance that a drop of water may fall on it requiring him to change), an extra pair of underwear, and 3 pairs of socks.  This would seem perfectly normal and acceptable.

Crash has become quite independent at dressing himself.  To the point that I don't even realize he has changed his outfit.  He has learned that if he doesn't like how something feels, then he has to do something about it.  I am so thankful he can do something about it, so this isn't to complain.  I was just astonished when I actually counted the items in the hamper. 

4 pairs of underwear
5 shirts
3 pants
4 pairs of socks
3 pairs of pajamas

Although I could not tell what the problem was with some of them items, very clearly a number of them were completely filthy.  Wow, for one human to create so much laundry and so much dirty laundry at that, I was amazed.   Crashing, spilling, falling, rolling, jumping, wiping...sure does take its toll on clothing. 

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