Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rule #11

Rule #11
imgres.jpgYou must be completely dry before getting dressed.                  
Not a drop of water can remain anywhere.   And, until that point of dryness is reached, nakedness is preferred.  Streaking through the  house is the acceptable mode of air drying.  Using a towel...that would be too easy.  When asked, "Crash, why don't you have any clothes on?  The response is always..."My hair is wet."

Hummm...So wet hair prevents you from putting on your pants?  I really want to see how you get dressed!

1 comment:

  1. haha oh boy I thought we were the only household that can't get dressed immdediately! my son says he hates the way it makes his skin feel 'stretchy' (not sure what that is) when his body is even slightly damp.

    Same with deodorant! we've tried different brands and types of deodorant because he doesn't like feeling wet.