Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sensory Room

We had been spoiled for the past week with summer like weather. Crash has been able to play outside and jump and swing and crash till his heart is content. Gross motor activities help to regulate his system and keep him on a more even keel so to say.

Since it is only April, and no where near summer, the harsh weather has returned. So has my appreciation for the sensory room in our basement. I tend to take it for granted at times, because it is always there and Crash uses it independently for the most part. But I sure do love having it around this week.

The kids are on spring break, and it has been raining and is to cold to play outside. With Crash just itching for movement, I have rediscovered my appreciation for this room. Here are some pictures of our favorite things:
 A big crash mat
(A duvet cover 1.00 clearance at IKEA) filled with pillows
or cushion remnants)

(Good from spinning and all around swinging.  Great vestibular input)
(Great proprioceptive input.  Helps increase core strength)

Rope Ladder
Great for climbing, swinging, and crashing (into crash mat)
Homemade hammock swing

Home made fabric tunnel
(Great resistance work pushing a therapy ball through.  Lots of tactile input 
from fabric clinging to body as you go through)

The floor is lined with EVA foam exercise gym flooring and there are gym mats under the swings as well. 


  1. I do think I know your children....I like the model you have representing "crash" :)

  2. That's awesome! I'm so jealous, and it makes me want to finish our basement just for that! I've been drooling over all those things from Ikea, but the closest one is almost 2 hrs away from us. Trying to plan a trip there. Great idea on making a crash mat as I've been trying to think about how to make one. Where do you get cushion remnants? I'm thinking most cheap pillows wouldn't have enough resistance. Once I get everything I really have no idea where to put it all. The only place we really have room is in a room with super high ceilings, so I don't think we'll be able to mount swings in there.

  3. Yeah...that model is a body double. Crash was not in the mood to cooperate.

  4. For Crash mats you can call a local upholstery shop and ask about their remnants. If you explain why you need them, you may be able to get a good deal. I know the abilitations catalog makes door mounted swings and free standing units (of course you have to pay the "therapy" price tag, but maybe that could give you some other ideas on something to create yourself. Ikea is a ways for us as well. Every so often we are driving that directions and I can not resist stopping.

  5. This looks seriously cool. I hope I can do our basement one day like this! (Money is lacking right now.)

  6. Oh wow! I love your sensory room and other great resources on your blog. I'm a relatively new mom to the world of SPD and am always looking for ideas and inspiration...thank you :)