Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Advantages of an hypersensitive sensory system

All to often, I find myself trying to help Crash adjust to the environment around him, and neglect to take time to appreciate some of the very special gifts he possesses just being Crash.

Did you know he can tell a train is coming before anyone else?  For a little boy who loves trains, this is an awesome gift.  Those hypersensitive ears sure come in handy.

Did you know he can spot a hawk in a tree so far away it shouldn't be humanly possible to see it?  Sure comes in handy when playing "I spy" on long car rides.

Did you know he can smell specific ingredients as I am beginning to cook that not even I am aware of and comes running to help?

Did you know he notices all the details?  He notices right away if you are wearing something new and will compliment you on it.  Even if it is something small like a pair of earrings. 

These little things make him so special.  It's easy to see how a sensory system on high alert can easily get overwhelmed.  But it sure makes you step back in awe for a few moments, when it has not reached that over-aroused state, to think how amazing it must be to see, feel, smell, taste and touch with such intensity.

And then back to reality...

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