Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aghhhh...I can't find Boardmaker!

If you haven't heard of Boardmaker, it has been a lifesaver, or at least a time saver around our house these past few years.  Bookmaker is a software program (shhh...that I picked up on ebay) that uses simple picture drawings (black and white or color) to represent words.  I am sure there are a variety of programs out there that do this, so I am not recommending one over another, this is just the one I am used to.

We first began using Boardmaker when Crash was less than a year old.  He was screaming constantly and I could never figure out what he wanted.  Even a baby knows what he wants....We started by using a few pictures of his favorite things.  We taught him to give us the picture and we would give him the item.  This was the first real type of communication we were able to have with Crash and it really did reduce the screaming and taught Crash how to be an intentional communicator.

Although we no longer use the picture symbols for communication, we do use them frequently in social stories now.  We have been telling Crash a specific social story for a week now, and this am I wanted to put it on paper.  But...

I have looked every where.  I remember kicking the cd under my bed so it would get stepped on...but after that I have no clue.  Serves me right for thinking i could kick something under my bed to keep it safe.

Stay tuned...I will post the story as soon as I find the cd.


  1. If you are in a pinch, check out mrsriley.com
    You can subscribe for cheap and make/print your own visual schedules or cards right from their website.

  2. I hate it when you can't find what you know you have!
    I was going to suggest that you google cartoons or comics ,I found one but I can't remember where it is,or even what the site name is -(sorry)- Where you can make your own comic's or cartoons-- you could just use their template and characters-- but your social story--? just call me scatterbrained!

  3. I found it.... yahhoo..
    here it is... http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/

    hope this helps...!