Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pressure Washer High

The neurological system is strange and mysterious thing...

Some days Crash's sensory system can be all over the place in unpredictable ways.  Today was no exception.  A child that usually doesn't care for loud noises and tries to avoid them was just the opposite today. 

We had to pressure wash the deck.  It was in the 50's and sunny, so why not...I figured Crash would play out front to avoid the situation, but instead he was so overstimulated by the noise that he was literally bouncing off the trees.  Now add in the freezing cold water and he is just laughing hysterically and running around like a crazy man oblivious to the wet clothing, mud, and freezing cold.  I think the sensory system is on overload.  Granted there is no meltdown, screaming and crying....

However, what do you think the afternoon looked like following this little adventure into hyper alerting the senses?  You guessed it....It wasn't pretty.  Crash was seeking deep pressure and driving his brother nuts as he really couldn't control his body. 

We worked hard this afternoon at providing calming activities.  After dinner we followed our typical routine of bath and stories.  I was pretty confident we were returning to a more even neurological state. 

Then came the tears...I was in the other room and I though Crash had seriously gotten hurt (like needing to go to the emergency room).  Come to find out, while playing outside with his brother this afternoon, he feel off his scooter and cut his hand (hours ago).  Nothing new happened to re-injure the hand, I think his brain had just registered the pain.  Poor guy was hysterical (again). 

Not that I want to see Crash upset, but he worked himself up so much he feel asleep.  And that was the end of our adventure through the strange and mysterious neurological system for the day.

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