Thursday, May 13, 2010

Social Story...

Well, this isn't the social story I planned to write today, but it was successful and resulted in a very positive family experience...

I realized this am that we have church directory pictures today (short notice I know), and  I have two choices.  Let Crash wear whatever he wants and know that he will be happy, or push the clothing issue. 

I was feeling brave.  Knowing that this picture will be around in everyone's homes for the next few years also served as a little bit of motivation. 

So, I used some  should you say quick thinking...

Our conversation went a little like this:
Mommy: Crash today after your brother gets home we are going to go to church to have our picture taken.

Crash: Ok.

Mommy: Everyone is going to wear brown pants.

Crash: Soft pants?

Mommy: No, brown pants (shows Crash the pants)

Crash: Screaming, crying, and flopping around on the floor.

Mommy: What's wrong?

Crash: I don't like the pants (screaming and crying continue).

Mommy: Did I say you had to put them on right now?

Crash: (still screaming) Nooooo!.

Mommy:  Then why are you screaming?

Crash:  I don't like the pants.

Mommy: Do you have to put them on right now?

Crash: (screaming stops) No.

Mommy: Ok, so listen to this,  IF you wear your brown pants for the picture, then you can get french fries when you are done.

Crash: (starts to get upset)

Mommy:  It's your choice.  You can wear soft pants to church and change at church if you like.    All I am asking is for the few minutes we take the picture you wear brown pants.  Then you can change again.  And we will leave right away for fries. 

Crash: Ok. 

So, we review this story through out the day and Crash can tell it perfectly.  We get to church and he changes without hassle.  FIRST TIME EVER IN KHAKIS!! 

What I neglected to say was how long he had to wait to take his pants off at the end.  The photographer said we were done, and there went the pants...

I asked Crash how the pants felt and he said bumpy.  I said is bumpy ok?  His response, maybe for a picture, but I need soft pants. 

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  1. LOVE this... your interaction with Crash was awesome! -- but letting him know that it was only for a short time, you got your "needs"met-- and he got his needs met! :) LOVELY! BE proud of your self! and I'm proud of Crash.. I bet that was a bit out of his comfort zone!
    Do you know that Soft clothing has a khaki pant..? :)