Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 2

Baby Steps...

So we have begun to focus on the bedtime routine as our first step in transitioning into a summer routine in hopes that a well rested child will make changing the rest of the daily routine easier. 

What changes have we made?

I was not willing to give up the early bedtime.  Crash goes to bed between 6 and 6:30.  I need him to go to bed then because I need a break and he is an early riser no matter what time he goes to bed.  I however was willing to give up 15 minutes so, his new bedtime is 6:45 (not that he is aware of that..that would lead to some battles over the clock that I am not willing to get into).

So, what else has changed?

We begin the bedtime routine after dinner (about 5:15).  We close all the shades to the house and dim the lights.  We are trying to talk in a very quiet tone.  Crash is the first to take a bath.  The lights in the bathroom are dimmed and the fan turned off.  (The fan, for Crash is a very alerting sound, and is not productive in a bedtime routine.  I have put lavender into his bath (no idea if this actually does anything, but I feel like I am making an effort).   I leave Crash in the bathroom as long as he likes to wind down.

We added "brown noise" (seems a little more soothing than white) in his room, so when he finishes his bath routine, we read stories quietly in a low lit room until 6:45.

Finally, we added an incentive chart for staying in his room and playing or reading quietly until he falls asleep. 

After 2 days, this part of the routine is working wonderfully.  However, he is still not staying in his room all night...so I think that will be the next area to address.  This has always been a constant issue for Crash.  We will not let him sleep in our bed, but he can sleep on the floor in our room as a compromise.  I think this summer we will try to extinguish that behavior.  Any ideas on a replacement behavior??  Or way to go about changing this?


  1. Looking forward to reading more about how sleeping goes. That summer transition is hard with it still being so light outside, even late! We're going to try to keep our school year routine going in the summer as well - using weighted blankets and melatonin has really slowed down the night wakings for my 4 year old so we hope that continues this summer! Good luck!

  2. Wow, you really have a great plan of sleeping--
    As far as keeping the child in own room...
    I don't know --
    how old is Crash ? I forget--
    I was going to suggest- that if he is out of his room and on your floor that ~~
    the next morning he owes you something -- like 5 push ups or something small that he doesn't really like-- but that is still a negative.
    Some kids do well with the consequences the next morning, some do not. I was just thinking that giving a consequence during the night isn't going to help you rest-- or Crash sleep.
    hope this helps!

  3. Your bedtime routine sounds great. I'd like to try the lavendar in the bath too~ is it an oil or soap you add? We do epsom salt and that seems to help soothe our son (3.5 yo).

    As for the wakings, I totally know what you're going through. Our son wakes up every night after 5 hours of sleep and trudges into our room. We don't allow him to sleep with us either so I usually snuggle him for a minute and lead him back to his room where he falls asleep by himself quickly. But we're trying to wean him off that habit as well.

    He tells me that he just wants to 'check' on us every night so I figure it's a combo of need for reassurance and old habit. Before bed lately I've tried to remind our son that if he wakes up in the middle of the night, just remember we're still in the next room and everything's fine, go back to sleep.

    I gave him his old baby monitor and told him we can still hear him and he can talk to us rather than visit us (he doesn't know we're sound asleep!)...worked a couple of nights so far. Anybody have other suggestions?

  4. I have no idea, but you amaze me! Your patience and thoroughness is so (for lack of a better word) amazing!

  5. I love the baby monitor idea... !