Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Hair Rasing Tale

...or not.

Crash has never been a big fan of hair cuts.  He has about a million reasons why he refuses to get it cut, hence the bushy out of control curly (kind of cute and adorable) mop a top his head.  Lately he has been convinced that the ONLY place he can have his hair cut is a little shop 4 hours away from our house that lets you watch Thomas the Train movies while they cut your hair.  We have tried some places closer to home and meltdowns have resulted.  Too noisy, too name it. 

I am not about to let a 4 yr old dictate where he will get his hair cut, so you have probably guessed it...this is the only place he will NOT be getting his hair cut.

This past week were were visiting family, and there is this wonderful barbershop in downtown Beloit, WI called Austin's Barber Shop.  We used to take our oldest son there when we lived in the area.  Rod, the barber is amazing!  Not only does he do a fantastic job with hair, but he is wonderful with children.

Crash was a little hesistant at first, so he played with some of the Thomas trains and watched someone else get their hair cut.  Then, Rod invited him to sit in the airplane seat.  He allowed him to climb up all by himself and never once touched him.  He then snuggly fastened him in with a seat belt, only after asking him if it was ok to do so.

This airplane seat became a sensory seekers dream seat.  There were pedals to push (great proprioceptive input), tailspins to complete (vestibular input), and a steering wheel to figit with (tactile input).  You would think with so much going on, it would be impossible for someone to cut your hair.

But, Rod is amazing.  He lets the kids wiggle and squirm and have fun.  He jokes with them, and completely distracts them from what is going on.  He only has one rule.  When he says have to freeze so he can do a tricky part of the hair cut. 

I know I couldn't cut someone's hair and have it look even half way like it should with some much fun going on.  Like I said Rod is amazing.  It's just to bad he lives so far away.  At least I was able to find a different spot to get Crash's hair cut.  Now to find someone closer to home.

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  1. WOw , I need to hop onto an airplane and get my son Shane's hair done... He needs a haircut really bad, but he won't do clippers (at all)and it's a huge challenge to convince him that the stylist will only use scissors. I think that I put it off to often~ and so then we have to go back and talk so much more about the process. Last time I let daddy take him and I stayed out of it, that helped me... but I've got to convince Daddy that his son needs is hair cut... now!