Friday, June 4, 2010

Seasons Change

Seasons change, it's a fact.  And, living in the midwest, it happens quite frequently.   I think right now,  I may be one of a small group of people that is not happy to see winter go and summer arrive.  Although in a few more months, I will be one of millions that is not happy for summer to leave as winter approaches once again.

I always talk about Crash being resistant to change and thriving with a predictable routine, but I never mention how much  I enjoy it as well.  Once we have established a good thing, I have no problem sticking with it, and rather like the predictability it adds into our family routine. 

But, there is only one more day of school and the dreaded change in routine will be upon us.  We had a small glimpse into this unhappy occurrence over the holiday weekend.  Many of you are way ahead of me on this one.  I have read many blogs recently on how everyone is adapting to the summer routine, and I guess I have just burried my head in the sand.  If I do not think about won't come...right??

Well, after surviving Memorial Day weekend, my head is no longer in the sand.  I have come to many conclusions, but not a lot of answers...yet...

What I do know is...

Crash can not play outside all day long.  He needs downtime through out the day.   Deep pressure, calm activities, etc to help him stay regulated. 

Crash would benifit from some white noise or something similar in his room to help drown out the environmental sounds at night. 

Crash would also benefit from some room darkening shades or a tent on his bed to block out some of the light. 

Crash needs a better bed time routine.  We need to begin to wind down earlier.  we have been relying on melatonin way too much.  There has to be a better routine to get ready for bed.  A bath and stories isn't enough right now. 

So it's off to the drawing board.  I think if we can get the nighttime stuff in place everything else will come easier.  Crash is always more regulated when he sleeps am I.


  1. I was curious if you change the sound level in the home towards evening-- bedtime? I found that turning down the lights and turning down the sound seems to help at our house.
    The other thing we do is when we tuck in at bedtime we talk about what was the worse part of the day... and what was the best part of the day-- that seems to help my guy de-compress
    Good luck with creating the new routine...!

  2. We've had MAJOR bedtime struggles with our SPD son. For awhile, we were using melatonin drops, too. The pediatrician had suggested them as a way to help our son gain some confidence back with falling asleep. We've tried to stop using them though.

    Our OT suggested as Stacey said, about turning down the lights. Actually our OT recommended not ever turning them ON in the evening, and letting the gradual change of natural light help transition our son. I think this is ideal for spring/summer. Not sure how we'll do that one in the fall/winter when it gets dark so early!

    She also told us to let him sleep in a sleeping bag on top of his bed. This has produced a huge change as we had MAJOR issues with him not being comfortable in the sheets/blankets. We used to have meltdowns nearly every night about "just not being comfortable!?!?!"

    She also said no TV or video games within two hours of bedtime. Some kids it doesn't seem to affect, but for kids who regularly have trouble going to sleep, it can make a big difference.

    Good luck coming up with a routine that works!

  3. I'm not sure if this would help at all, but I'm reading The Sleep Lady's Good Night Sleep Tight to do an independent review of it. I've just started it. She may have something that could be helpful. I'm really not sure. So far I like her, but it would be interesting to get your perspective.