Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swimming Pool Etiquette

Crash rarely has the opportunity to go to the park or swimming with out his older brother, but today visiting Grandpa was the exception.  His security blanket and model was off visiting other people and Crash was flying solo.  Although he was still very happy to be at the park, he struggled without having his brother around to imitate.

Today, Crash had no idea what to do at the pool.  He bounced in circles and was willing to go near other children, but never interacted with them.  He desperately wanted to go on the slides.  He would walk in circles around the slide and even get in line to go down the slide, but he couldn't figure out the social etiquette to actually wait in the line and take a turn.

Lucky for Crash, grandpa came in to the rescue.  He held his hand in line and waited with him to take a turn.  Then we talked about how to wait in line and when it would be his turn.  A quick little social story, and Crash was able to go up to the slide a couple more times that afternoon.  He was just having too much fun playing with his new found playmate...grandpa.


  1. I love this story! I've added you to our blog list! Have a great day!