Friday, June 25, 2010

Thinking Inside the Box

Crash is a bundle of energy.  He is always moving, jumping, spinning, rocking, name it and he has probably done it within the last hour.  Even when he is calm and watching a movie, or looking at books he is moving.  His favorite position on the couch is upside down crashing his feet into the back of the sofa. 

There is nothing wrong with movement.  We try to incorporate as much of it as possible into our day.  However, Crash also loves small confined spaces.  He will crawl inside a box, shut out the light and be totally calm and relaxed.  He even says he LOVES boxes because they are so cozy. 

I am wondering if this cozy calm feeling would transfer to a directed activity, or if it only works when it is Crash's idea.  What would happen if we read books in the box?  A part of me wants to try to sleep in the box, but I dislike creating routines that I know I will have to break.  I can't imagine a college kid bringing his box into the dorm room.  But, it does give me some ideas.  How can I make his bed more like a box?  How can I give him that safe "cozy" feeling in his own bed?  He shares a bedroom with his brother and is on the bottom bunk.  Maybe that could become the box?


  1. My son also loves to be upside down and kick his feet against the wall while he is trying to fall asleep. Sometimes it sounds like a bookshelf just fell down in his room, but it is just him kicking his feet on the wall. We have put some pillows on his bed both horizontally and vertically to make a little nest for him in the middle. He seems to really like this. We tried having him sleep in a sleeping bag in his bed, but he wasn't a fan of that. Anyway, I have loved reading your blog!

  2. We have tried the sleeping bag thing in the past too, but I am thinking about trying it again just to see. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog as well!