Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh what to do...

Oh how far you have come...

A year ago at this time, Crash was having a very difficult time regulating himself when unexpected events occurred.  Especially unexpected sensory challenging events.  He usually ended up in a heap in my arms crying and completely missing out on the activity.

This past week we were vacationing on a lake up north.  We had finished a day full of swimming and boating and were relaxing by the fire.  Crash, the dare devil that he is, ignored warnings not to balance on the rocks surrounding the lake.  And guess what happened...

Yup, he fell in.  Even I could tell that from the window seat I was perched in inside.  Thoroughly expecting a meltdown, I quickly place the baby down and go running out.  But, for some reason, I pause on the deck and just watch instead.  Kind of evil, but I wanted to see what would happen.

Much to my surprise, I do not hear the blood curdling scream that I had expected.  What I do see is a little boy pacing back and forth.  Then around in a circle.  Then back and forth again.  By this time he is shivering, but is still saying nothing, and continues to pace.

His father walks over to him and asks if he wants to go inside to change.  Holding back tears he says no, and continues to pace.  His father asks him to come sit down, and again he says no and continues to pace, and is on the verge of crying.

His dad asks him what he wants, and crying now, Crash says I want to have a smore.  So his dad invites him to come sit down.  Crash says no, my clothes are too wet.  So Dad says to go change, and again Crash says he wants a smore.

At this point he is stuck.  He thinks if he goes inside he can't have a smore.  But he can't sit down in wet clothes, so he has no clue what to do.  BUT, we aren't in a complete meltdown, more of a brain freeze and he is trying to get out of the situation.

Me being the awesome mom that I am, come walking out with a pair of soft fuzzy dry pj's and save the day.  Meltdown averted.

Sensory Fun Photos

A Summer of Sensory Fun...
The theme for this month's Blog Carnival for the SPD Blogger Network  is SPD Photos.  This is the first summer where we have had a TON of FUN.  Granted I now know activities that help to regulate Crash, and fill his day with them, but they are activities that all kids can enjoy, and Crash was right there with them enjoying away!

Crashing in the water (Not only does Crash get to crash into the water he gets awesome input in his joints while being thrown around)

Rolling in the grass (He is getting the input he craves and tollerating the tactile input of the awesome!)

Frolicking in the sand (Getting input from the waves crashing on him as well as by bear walking, and again tollerating the tactile input of wet sand!)

Feeling Fishy Fish (Crash found the rocking of the boat to be very calming, and I have to say held way more fish than his Mama)

Spinning yourself silly (Vestibular input is very exciting at the park)

Swinging upside down

Climbing higher and higher (Crash has really increased his core strength and can get his legs over his head and scare his mama half to death climbing on top of the equipment).

Munching blackberries (the yummy taste was too much to resist)

Calming Lavender baths

Body pressure in his sock

Chilling in his box

We have EXPERIENCED Summer this year, and had a lot of fun!  For more Fun ideas visit Hartley's Life with 3 Boys to visit the SPD Blog Carnival full of links to photos of sensory fun.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Celebrating Summer!

It's time to celebrate!  Yeah, I know bed time still isn't going well and we have are fair share of other issues, but I have to face it...Crash has done some wonderful things this summer.  Things that make me jump for joy...
Crash is doing a fantastic job playing with his new friends.  He loves riding bikes and swimming with his classmates, and even plays over at one of their houses for short periods of time.  A huge accomplishment!

Crash is picking out his own clothes and completely putting an end to long drawn out tantrums over itchy, scratchy, tight, and who knows what else objections to all articles of clothing.  (Granted this may be a temporary improvement seeing as though he is going commando and sockless these days, but it is time to celebrate at this moment.)  Another huge accomplishment for Crash and a welcome relief for everyone else in the house.

Since getting his hair trimmed, Crash has been independent in the bathroom combing his hair without any objections!

Crash is tolerating sand in his shoes!  We no longer are flinging them off at the first sign of a disturbance.  Granted where we live is so sandy he would be spending so much time taking his shoes off that he wouldn't get anything else done.   For whatever reason, he has also discovered that socks add extra negative input and sand is much more tolerable in shoes when socks are not worn.  Go figure...

Crash is hanging on to the playground equipment even with dirty hands!  I no longer have heart failure when he climbs on top of something!

Crash went to the nursing home for the Every Monday Matters Service Project and read a story to the residents!  (With the help of some very unique social stories).

I am so excited by these little changes.  They allow him to enjoy the experiences around him just a little bit more instead of being so wrapped up in himself that he misses everything around him.  I guess it helps knowing where he came from and how much of a struggle many of these things were for him and our entire family, that I am rejoicing for him to have over come some of it.  Way to go Crash!  I am so proud of you.

Monday, July 12, 2010

"My Toes Can't Move!"

This is why I dread summer...
I have spent years acclimating Crash to socks.  We have an entire graveyard of socks that are too itchy, scratchy, bumpy, etc...Then summer rolls around, and Crash has to adjust his sensory system once again to tolerate sandals on his naked feet.  This summer, it only took a couple weeks to adjust.  Granted it would take him forever to get out the door because no sooner would he have a pair on, he would be kicking them off and screaming about them.  I would encourage him to try another pair or wear a different pair of shoes, but he really wanted the sandals.  I think he has a secret desire to be sockless, or it's the simple fact you don't have to tie sandals.  Regardless, after a couple weeks, he was wearing sandals. 

Now being the super caring sensory mom that I am...I would never consider going an entire summer without socks.  I would be in for it when fall came around.  However, I dread these moments during the summer.  If we only had one season, we would not have any need for socks, but we don't and that's life and Crash has to deal with it.

So the saga continues.  Instead of screaming about the sandals, we scream about the socks.  " My Toes Can't Move" Crash would scream.  I wish something so simple did not have to be so hard for Crash.  I imagine my self trying to tolerate itchy scratchy wool socks (especially in 90 degree weather), and I think I can feel his pain.  But, it is getting easier.   I just dread being the bad guy.  I am tempted to try the SOFT socks, but I have never seen them in person and am a little hesitant to order something I haven't seen.   Does anyone have any reviews to share? 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mindless Wonderings...

I wonder...what does a sensory processing disorder look like in an infant?  Kids are born with the neurological differences that manifest as a sensory processing disorder later in life, so what are the clues?  Now that Crash has a little sister, I do find myself thinking about how they are the same and how they are different.  And even more so why those differences occur. 

Is it the difference between boys and girls?

Did Crash's gluten issues make things worse?  OR, was the reflux contributing? Or, was it the initial clues of a sensory processing disorder?  I bet I will never know...but I will always wonder.

So what are the similarities between Crash and his little sister...
They look EXACTLY alike
They were both difficult to burp
Thye both spit up ALOT

How are the different
It seemed like Crash spent his entire first year screaming
We thought Crash was deaf for the first few months of life because he didn't have a startle reflex
Crash began rolling over at 2 weeks
His body was always so stiff
His left side of his body was stiffer than his right
He was very difficult to nurse
He constantly had drool or spit up coming out of his mouth
Crash never babbled or made the cute baby sounds
Crash was always cold and had trouble regulating his body temperature
Many nights the only way to get Crash to sleep was strapped into his car seat.

...I probably could go on and on...Just some mindless wonderings for tonight.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crash Dancing

We went to a concert in the park the other night.  Crash and his brother were happy to sit next to us and watch everything going on.  When the lead singer invited children to come up on stage, I nonchalantly mentioned it to the boys thinking no one was interested.  
To my surprise, Crash's brother got up and headed for the stage.  And, to my utter amazement, Crash followed.  All I could think, was that poor band, they better watch out...
Well, Crash kind of did his own thing slightly glued to his brother, and his brother keep busy asking a bizillion questions to the band.  They stayed up there the entire time!!!  Way to go Crash. 

Afterward, the band invited all the kids to stay up front and dance.  I don't know what happened to my children, but they stayed up there!  I could tell it was taking a lot out of Crash when he started "crash-dancing."  Crashing into the ground, doing somersaults, you name and he was doing it.  I was just about to get up and pull him back from the situation when the other children starting imitating him.  Everyone was "crash-dancing."

A few short minutes later we had to go and rescue Crash, he was over stimulated and began "crash-dancing" into his brother.  Time to go when that happens.

We all had a fun night and it was great to see Crash trying new things.