Friday, July 23, 2010

Celebrating Summer!

It's time to celebrate!  Yeah, I know bed time still isn't going well and we have are fair share of other issues, but I have to face it...Crash has done some wonderful things this summer.  Things that make me jump for joy...
Crash is doing a fantastic job playing with his new friends.  He loves riding bikes and swimming with his classmates, and even plays over at one of their houses for short periods of time.  A huge accomplishment!

Crash is picking out his own clothes and completely putting an end to long drawn out tantrums over itchy, scratchy, tight, and who knows what else objections to all articles of clothing.  (Granted this may be a temporary improvement seeing as though he is going commando and sockless these days, but it is time to celebrate at this moment.)  Another huge accomplishment for Crash and a welcome relief for everyone else in the house.

Since getting his hair trimmed, Crash has been independent in the bathroom combing his hair without any objections!

Crash is tolerating sand in his shoes!  We no longer are flinging them off at the first sign of a disturbance.  Granted where we live is so sandy he would be spending so much time taking his shoes off that he wouldn't get anything else done.   For whatever reason, he has also discovered that socks add extra negative input and sand is much more tolerable in shoes when socks are not worn.  Go figure...

Crash is hanging on to the playground equipment even with dirty hands!  I no longer have heart failure when he climbs on top of something!

Crash went to the nursing home for the Every Monday Matters Service Project and read a story to the residents!  (With the help of some very unique social stories).

I am so excited by these little changes.  They allow him to enjoy the experiences around him just a little bit more instead of being so wrapped up in himself that he misses everything around him.  I guess it helps knowing where he came from and how much of a struggle many of these things were for him and our entire family, that I am rejoicing for him to have over come some of it.  Way to go Crash!  I am so proud of you.

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  1. That is awesome! I cannot wait till my little prince can play at others houses even for a short period of time!!!!! That is a great summer!