Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crash Dancing

We went to a concert in the park the other night.  Crash and his brother were happy to sit next to us and watch everything going on.  When the lead singer invited children to come up on stage, I nonchalantly mentioned it to the boys thinking no one was interested.  
To my surprise, Crash's brother got up and headed for the stage.  And, to my utter amazement, Crash followed.  All I could think, was that poor band, they better watch out...
Well, Crash kind of did his own thing slightly glued to his brother, and his brother keep busy asking a bizillion questions to the band.  They stayed up there the entire time!!!  Way to go Crash. 

Afterward, the band invited all the kids to stay up front and dance.  I don't know what happened to my children, but they stayed up there!  I could tell it was taking a lot out of Crash when he started "crash-dancing."  Crashing into the ground, doing somersaults, you name and he was doing it.  I was just about to get up and pull him back from the situation when the other children starting imitating him.  Everyone was "crash-dancing."

A few short minutes later we had to go and rescue Crash, he was over stimulated and began "crash-dancing" into his brother.  Time to go when that happens.

We all had a fun night and it was great to see Crash trying new things.

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  1. Good for your boys! I think that's exactly what Brady would have done, too. I remember going to something at preschool where all the kids started running around. Brady joined in and after just a couple minutes he was running and falling on his knees and belly. And all the kids copied him, too. He always ends up taking the craziness up a notch. And his dancing has always been "crash-dancing". I think I'll steal that term if you don't mind.