Friday, July 9, 2010

Mindless Wonderings...

I wonder...what does a sensory processing disorder look like in an infant?  Kids are born with the neurological differences that manifest as a sensory processing disorder later in life, so what are the clues?  Now that Crash has a little sister, I do find myself thinking about how they are the same and how they are different.  And even more so why those differences occur. 

Is it the difference between boys and girls?

Did Crash's gluten issues make things worse?  OR, was the reflux contributing? Or, was it the initial clues of a sensory processing disorder?  I bet I will never know...but I will always wonder.

So what are the similarities between Crash and his little sister...
They look EXACTLY alike
They were both difficult to burp
Thye both spit up ALOT

How are the different
It seemed like Crash spent his entire first year screaming
We thought Crash was deaf for the first few months of life because he didn't have a startle reflex
Crash began rolling over at 2 weeks
His body was always so stiff
His left side of his body was stiffer than his right
He was very difficult to nurse
He constantly had drool or spit up coming out of his mouth
Crash never babbled or made the cute baby sounds
Crash was always cold and had trouble regulating his body temperature
Many nights the only way to get Crash to sleep was strapped into his car seat.

...I probably could go on and on...Just some mindless wonderings for tonight.

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  1. Look at those 2! AUCK! They are so beautiful!