Monday, July 12, 2010

"My Toes Can't Move!"

This is why I dread summer...
I have spent years acclimating Crash to socks.  We have an entire graveyard of socks that are too itchy, scratchy, bumpy, etc...Then summer rolls around, and Crash has to adjust his sensory system once again to tolerate sandals on his naked feet.  This summer, it only took a couple weeks to adjust.  Granted it would take him forever to get out the door because no sooner would he have a pair on, he would be kicking them off and screaming about them.  I would encourage him to try another pair or wear a different pair of shoes, but he really wanted the sandals.  I think he has a secret desire to be sockless, or it's the simple fact you don't have to tie sandals.  Regardless, after a couple weeks, he was wearing sandals. 

Now being the super caring sensory mom that I am...I would never consider going an entire summer without socks.  I would be in for it when fall came around.  However, I dread these moments during the summer.  If we only had one season, we would not have any need for socks, but we don't and that's life and Crash has to deal with it.

So the saga continues.  Instead of screaming about the sandals, we scream about the socks.  " My Toes Can't Move" Crash would scream.  I wish something so simple did not have to be so hard for Crash.  I imagine my self trying to tolerate itchy scratchy wool socks (especially in 90 degree weather), and I think I can feel his pain.  But, it is getting easier.   I just dread being the bad guy.  I am tempted to try the SOFT socks, but I have never seen them in person and am a little hesitant to order something I haven't seen.   Does anyone have any reviews to share? 


  1. I have not tried them. Like you I have a pile of clothes that never were worn, or worn for a brief period of time and discarded. My daughter rarely wears socks, like maybe 5 days out of the entire year. She almost always wears crocs, even in the winter. I wish I could be of more help. Maybe they will let you do a review of them?

  2. My mom has a couple pairs of soft socks. they have an outlet store in IA. Want me to bring you one to feel? :)