Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh what to do...

Oh how far you have come...

A year ago at this time, Crash was having a very difficult time regulating himself when unexpected events occurred.  Especially unexpected sensory challenging events.  He usually ended up in a heap in my arms crying and completely missing out on the activity.

This past week we were vacationing on a lake up north.  We had finished a day full of swimming and boating and were relaxing by the fire.  Crash, the dare devil that he is, ignored warnings not to balance on the rocks surrounding the lake.  And guess what happened...

Yup, he fell in.  Even I could tell that from the window seat I was perched in inside.  Thoroughly expecting a meltdown, I quickly place the baby down and go running out.  But, for some reason, I pause on the deck and just watch instead.  Kind of evil, but I wanted to see what would happen.

Much to my surprise, I do not hear the blood curdling scream that I had expected.  What I do see is a little boy pacing back and forth.  Then around in a circle.  Then back and forth again.  By this time he is shivering, but is still saying nothing, and continues to pace.

His father walks over to him and asks if he wants to go inside to change.  Holding back tears he says no, and continues to pace.  His father asks him to come sit down, and again he says no and continues to pace, and is on the verge of crying.

His dad asks him what he wants, and crying now, Crash says I want to have a smore.  So his dad invites him to come sit down.  Crash says no, my clothes are too wet.  So Dad says to go change, and again Crash says he wants a smore.

At this point he is stuck.  He thinks if he goes inside he can't have a smore.  But he can't sit down in wet clothes, so he has no clue what to do.  BUT, we aren't in a complete meltdown, more of a brain freeze and he is trying to get out of the situation.

Me being the awesome mom that I am, come walking out with a pair of soft fuzzy dry pj's and save the day.  Meltdown averted.


  1. WOW! And you should have Crash repeat (as I made my kids do especially on days like today when we went to a picnic at a house on a lake without any swimming suits and I just let the kids jump in with all their clothes on), "I have the best mom EVER!"

  2. What a great story! Good for him. It's so great when you can see how hard they are trying not to freak out when you know how they would have reacted in the past. We've had some moments like that, too, and it's just so wonderful to know how far they've come just by understanding what's going on in their bodies and heads.