Friday, August 13, 2010

All in the Family

After living with a sensory seeker for awhile, I have gotten used to jumping, crashing and all sorts of heart stopping actions that usually leave Crash squealing in delight.  The harder the crash, the farther the jump, the bigger the impact all create an ultimate high for Crash and usually result in a few more gray hairs for mom.

But, where does this behavior come from.  I most certainly do not enjoy spinning and crashing.  I may even be classified as a sensory avoider when compared to Crash, but I don't have to look far...  Sensory seeking runs in the family...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

False Security

Today was meltdown city at the library.  Our typical Thursday routine involves heading out tot he library about 10am.  We are usually one of the first families to arrive at the library and the kids have plenty of time to look for books, videos and talk to the librarian.  The usually help in the set up of the story time area and know a little about what will happen before everyone arrives.  Then Crash participates independently in all the activities.  A pretty fun Thursday for all. 

Today, we were running late.  So late in fact that story time had already begun.  I sent Crash and his brother ahead while I returned books.  All of a sudden I hear a loud scream and tears coming from Crash who is hysterically screaming for mom (who happens to be 50 ft. away at the book return).

Because the library has been going so smoothly for so long, I assumed he was hurt or something bad had happened.  Why else would Crash be screaming minutes after we arrived??  After looking quickly around, I noticed the children sitting on the floor instead of the usual risers.  Crash, unfamiliar with this set up, had no idea what to do to join the group, and lacks the skills to ask.  It took about 10 minutes, but he had finally calmed down enough to rejoin the group after the assistant helped him with the new seating arrangement. 

After a couple stories, we went outside for a game. Again, I hear a loud scream and Crash reduced to tears.  His anxiety level was still high from the previous incident (so it doesn't take much to set him off), come to find out he didn't know how to play the game.  The librarian explained it, but when Crash gets worked up, he tends to tune out the rest of the world or retreat within himself.  When he was younger, he would actually fall asleep in the middle of any stress provoking situation.  So, we just sat on the side and watched and worked on using some deep calming pressure. 

I was just amazed at how I get myself into routines that I don't even realize.  Things are so much easier for Crash when they are predictable and he has time to adjust.  I am sure they are easier for me as well, which makes it hard to purposely shake things up.  But,  I need to do a little more shaking and keep rocking his boat to help him learn to adjust to the things life throws at you.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mom:1 Underwear: 0

We have a small victory!

If you are going out in public then you wear underwear.

I am happy with this compromise.  Crash on the other hand still wishes underwear did not exist.   For the past few days  if he wanted to go out with everyone, he wore underwear.  Granted there was still rolling on the ground, screaming, and an entire grave yard of unacceptable underwear.  But, he did it.

And my stress level has dramatically decreased.  No more arguing.  I just say you have a choice.  You can wear it or not.  It doesn't matter to me.  Then I walk away.  He is completely capable of dressing himself and he knows better than I which is acceptable underwear and which is not.  He doesn't need me to watch the minor meltdown that it takes to get dressed.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Check out the Soft Give away!

Soft Clothing is doing a back to school give away.  Check it out here.  If you have someone in your life with some sensory issues like the tactile issues we deal with on a daily basis with Crash, then Sot clothing may bring a little relief each day.  No more seams in socks or tags in t-shirts that drive someone nuts.  If you want to get in on the action here's what's being given away:

Here it is:

3 pack of Soft Sensory Tees in color/size of your choice
6 pairs of Soft Seamless Socks
"This is Gabriel Making Sense of School" by Hartley Steiner
Lands End Uniform Backpack
Classpack of Crayola Colored Pencils
Tactile Fidget
Desk Buddy Sensory Bar
6-Pack of Mead Spiral Wide Ruled Notebooks
4-BG Flash Drive
12-Pack of Crayola Washable Fine-Tip Markers
Peltor Junior Noise Protector Headphones
Classic Pencil Grip Pencil Sharpener
4-Pack of Sharpie Highlighter Pens
3-Pack of Pink Paper-Mate Rubber Erasers
2 Mead Classic Composition Books
Plastic Hinged School Tool Box
Max's Mud-Natural Sculpting Dough
Pocket Stixx Oral Motor Tubes

Now check out the official entry form and ways to enter!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Conversations with a 4-year-old

Mom: Crash, are you wearing underwear?

Crash: No.

Mom: Go put some on.

Crash: I don't wear underwear.

Mom: Remember, we went to the store and you found the perfect underwear?

Crash:  I only wear underwear every other day.

Mom: Well, Crash, you didn't wear underwear yesterday, so todays' the day.

Crash: I wore underwear the day before.  I only do it in a pattern.  Underwear, no underwear, underwear, no underwear. 

Mom:  Exactly.  No underwear yesterday, underwear today.

Crash: Oh.  I still won't wear underwear.