Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sensational Siblings

Crash has two sensational siblings!  Rarely do his siblings even make an appearance on this blog, so this post is dedicated to them and there sensational-ness!   In our family, we have tried hard never to make one child stand out.  What we have done for one, we have done for all.  Crash can be a demanding child and has needs that sometimes must be delt with right away, but we have tried hard to make this an inclusive rather than exclusive time.  Our family has adapted to a new normal and it works for us.  Not only is Crash learning the tools to manage himself, his siblings are learning tools to adapt and adjust and manage themselves as well. 
     Crash is the luckiest guy around to be the middle child in our family.  He has a awesome older brother (16 months his senior) who is patient and understanding.  He is the best role model/ playmate we could have ever asked for.  He has pushed Crash into developing skills (social skills, speech language etc...)and helped him in dealing with life better than any adult could have.  He is Crash's idol.  He tolerates Crash following him around and copying him, and puts up with Crash's demanding ways.  He is usually willing to join in on Crash's activities and works ever so carefully to turn activities in a direction of interest to him.  He has attended therapy with Crash every step of the way.  He will play games with him and use many of the techniques learned in therapy as part of every day life.  He knows all about crashing and swinging and jumping and happily plays those games right along side Crash.  But even more important he has a true relationship and connection with Crash.  They are the best of friends (worst of enemies as well).  BT or Brother Therapy has been so beneficial. 
Crash also has a sensational little sister.  She has got to be the most tolerant laid back easy going child I have ever met.  She laughs when he "squishes" her and giggles as he rolls around with her.  She has given Crash time to come into his own and become more independent as I have had to tend to her needs instead of focusing on Crash all the time.  Crash has surprised me in his attentiveness to her needs and his willingness to take care of her. I feel so blessed to have all of them in my life.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Notice anything different?

Notice anything different?

How about now?

Here's one last clue...

Crash has socks on...and he isn't going outside.  In fact, he has had them on all day!  He says they give his feet hugs and are easy to put on.  Thank you SOFT Clothing!  We will see how long this lasts, but he has already asked for more.  Coming from a guy that HATES socks, that is a huge compliment.  I was hesitant to order them at first.  Who pays six dollars for a pair of socks?  What if they end up in the sock grave yard never to be worn again?  But, what if he likes them?  What if I never have to battle the sock wars again?  I was sold!  I just couldn't resist that last argument.   So, for today I have won a small victory.  It is yet to be seen if I have won the war. 

The Last First Day of Preschool

Crash wants to go to Kindergarten.  He is rather ambivalent about preschool.  It's more of a been there, done that sort of thing, but I will take that over screaming about not wanting to go.  (I have been there, and done that  and do not care to go back).

We have been talking about school briefly for the past week or so.  Last night, he picked out his clothes and we talked about what we would do the next day.   Begrudgingly he set out an acceptable pair of pants with a favorite t-shirt and the "shortest" socks.

It's not fair that the first day of school is also the coldest day of the summer thus far...I knew even though Crash had completed the process of picking out his clothes that it wouldn't really be that simple.

I was right, but we made it out the door and to school on time.  Only a minor melt down with the pants.  I told him he could go naked, and his teacher would have to deal with him.  Surprise surprise...Crash came out of his room a few minutes later with pants on.  His brother took his socks by mistake, so there was a small meltdown with the socks (but after realizing the sock basket is filled with the "shortest socks" he quickly recovered.)  Finally, horror of horrors a jacket was placed before him.

Crash hasn't seen a jacket since late spring so you can imagine the insult...especially since it wasn't part of HIS plan.  Thank goodness for some Daddy diversion.   As I was about to pull my hair out, Daddy came to the rescue.  We were finally out the door and on our way to school.

Now, I think I need a nap!

Someone mistakenly thought he could carry the jacket.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wasabi What???

Everyone knows Crash is on a gluten free diet, so everyone is always on the look out for new and interesting gluten free products for him to try.  The other day, Crash's grandmother found Wasabi rice crackers.  I know what you are all thinking...Wasabi what???

Crash LOVES them.  He says they kind of taste like onions.  Hummm interesting.  Only if onions hurt so bad you want to cry as soon as you put them in your mouth.  Just for giggles, Crash and I went around and asked everyone if they wanted to try his new favorite cracker (we neglected to mention the wasabi part).  Wanting to help Crash feel good about his new favorite food, everyone said yes (we made sure not to ask  more then one person at a time).  The reactions were priceless.  People were spitting out the cracker faster than anything I had ever seen and almost crying their mouth hurt so bad.  Crash and I had a blast.  It was even funnier watching their reaction as they watched Crash down a few of the crackers with out flinching.

That my friends is the definition of a sensory processing disorder.

When Crash was younger he would gag on all sorts of food.  His mouth was undersensitive and he couldn't tell what or where food was in his mouth unless it was jam packed with food.  I remember as a small toddler we would be dipping food in salsa and ranch dressing helping to provide more sensation in his mouth so he would be able to handle smaller amounts of food in his mouth.  It isn't uncommon today to find him eating a jar of salsa with a spoon or using some other inappropriate spicy dressing on something.  I just have to thank one of Crash's first speech therapists for introducing him to the spicy delights of the world and making meal times a whole lot easier.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours!

Crash cut his big deal.  A little water and antibiotic ontioment and he should be good to go...

Ha...When it pours.

First step...convince Crash to let me look at it.  He only gets upset when he sees blood...not really from the pain.  So it is an ordeal to look at something with blood coming out.

Step two...Convince Crash that antibiotic ointment doesn't hurt.

Step three...Convince Crash to keep the antibiotic ointment on his foot.

Step four...Convince Crash to keep a band-aid on

Step four and a half...Convince Crash to wear socks to keep the toe clean

"But my socks will get all dirty"

Yup.  Sorry's either the socks or the band-aid you choose.

Crash chooses the socks.  But of his already worked up state, this isn't the end of it.  Now we are screaming because the socks are to tall, then too short, then too rough. 

So, I cut a deal, if he wears socks...then I will put them on his feet just right so the seams won't bother him.

Inbetween the sobs I get an ok.  Then he stands up still sobbing and gives me a great big hug and says "I love you mom."  and in the next breath begins to sob about the shoes.

But there is a happy ending.  A few minutes later he is out the door to play with his brother.   I am glad there was a rainbow at the end of this storm.