Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sensational Siblings

Crash has two sensational siblings!  Rarely do his siblings even make an appearance on this blog, so this post is dedicated to them and there sensational-ness!   In our family, we have tried hard never to make one child stand out.  What we have done for one, we have done for all.  Crash can be a demanding child and has needs that sometimes must be delt with right away, but we have tried hard to make this an inclusive rather than exclusive time.  Our family has adapted to a new normal and it works for us.  Not only is Crash learning the tools to manage himself, his siblings are learning tools to adapt and adjust and manage themselves as well. 
     Crash is the luckiest guy around to be the middle child in our family.  He has a awesome older brother (16 months his senior) who is patient and understanding.  He is the best role model/ playmate we could have ever asked for.  He has pushed Crash into developing skills (social skills, speech language etc...)and helped him in dealing with life better than any adult could have.  He is Crash's idol.  He tolerates Crash following him around and copying him, and puts up with Crash's demanding ways.  He is usually willing to join in on Crash's activities and works ever so carefully to turn activities in a direction of interest to him.  He has attended therapy with Crash every step of the way.  He will play games with him and use many of the techniques learned in therapy as part of every day life.  He knows all about crashing and swinging and jumping and happily plays those games right along side Crash.  But even more important he has a true relationship and connection with Crash.  They are the best of friends (worst of enemies as well).  BT or Brother Therapy has been so beneficial. 
Crash also has a sensational little sister.  She has got to be the most tolerant laid back easy going child I have ever met.  She laughs when he "squishes" her and giggles as he rolls around with her.  She has given Crash time to come into his own and become more independent as I have had to tend to her needs instead of focusing on Crash all the time.  Crash has surprised me in his attentiveness to her needs and his willingness to take care of her. I feel so blessed to have all of them in my life.


  1. Wow! Look how big A is and I LOVE the pictures of your little girl! She and O are in a class of their own except together!

  2. It is amazing how the kids care for one another and help each other, even in the midst of being sibs and having skirimishes, isn't it? I know sister therapy works wonders here.