Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wasabi What???

Everyone knows Crash is on a gluten free diet, so everyone is always on the look out for new and interesting gluten free products for him to try.  The other day, Crash's grandmother found Wasabi rice crackers.  I know what you are all thinking...Wasabi what???

Crash LOVES them.  He says they kind of taste like onions.  Hummm interesting.  Only if onions hurt so bad you want to cry as soon as you put them in your mouth.  Just for giggles, Crash and I went around and asked everyone if they wanted to try his new favorite cracker (we neglected to mention the wasabi part).  Wanting to help Crash feel good about his new favorite food, everyone said yes (we made sure not to ask  more then one person at a time).  The reactions were priceless.  People were spitting out the cracker faster than anything I had ever seen and almost crying their mouth hurt so bad.  Crash and I had a blast.  It was even funnier watching their reaction as they watched Crash down a few of the crackers with out flinching.

That my friends is the definition of a sensory processing disorder.

When Crash was younger he would gag on all sorts of food.  His mouth was undersensitive and he couldn't tell what or where food was in his mouth unless it was jam packed with food.  I remember as a small toddler we would be dipping food in salsa and ranch dressing helping to provide more sensation in his mouth so he would be able to handle smaller amounts of food in his mouth.  It isn't uncommon today to find him eating a jar of salsa with a spoon or using some other inappropriate spicy dressing on something.  I just have to thank one of Crash's first speech therapists for introducing him to the spicy delights of the world and making meal times a whole lot easier.

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