Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours!

Crash cut his big deal.  A little water and antibiotic ontioment and he should be good to go...

Ha...When it pours.

First step...convince Crash to let me look at it.  He only gets upset when he sees blood...not really from the pain.  So it is an ordeal to look at something with blood coming out.

Step two...Convince Crash that antibiotic ointment doesn't hurt.

Step three...Convince Crash to keep the antibiotic ointment on his foot.

Step four...Convince Crash to keep a band-aid on

Step four and a half...Convince Crash to wear socks to keep the toe clean

"But my socks will get all dirty"

Yup.  Sorry's either the socks or the band-aid you choose.

Crash chooses the socks.  But of his already worked up state, this isn't the end of it.  Now we are screaming because the socks are to tall, then too short, then too rough. 

So, I cut a deal, if he wears socks...then I will put them on his feet just right so the seams won't bother him.

Inbetween the sobs I get an ok.  Then he stands up still sobbing and gives me a great big hug and says "I love you mom."  and in the next breath begins to sob about the shoes.

But there is a happy ending.  A few minutes later he is out the door to play with his brother.   I am glad there was a rainbow at the end of this storm.

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