Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Music Appreciation

I have played an instrument for most of my life...I even minored in music in college.  Our family loves music of almost any kind.  So it was kind of funny tonight to hear Crash say, "ahhh, I love this music!" When we turned on the background noise (the sound of static on the radio when a channel doesn't come in clearly) before he went to bed.  Music can have some amazing effects on the body.  Each individual may appreciate music a little differently and there are all kinds of music to appreciate.  I know I appreciate this "music" as well...just for a different reason than Crash!

We still have not conquered the entire sleep issue, however background noise seems to keep him in his room longer at night.  It's the little steps that we appreciate.  I want to say there is no bed time drama any more, however just tonight he was hummm how should I put it...overly physical with his brother.  But these instances are getting fewer and further between.  He is slowly but surely beginning to wind down on his own and settle himself more appropriately and independently.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Boogery Mess

Oh what to do...

Crash has a cold.  Unfortunately, it is just a cold, no fever.  I know that sounds cruel, but when Crash has a fever he is so calm...when he has a cold he is a beast.  Besides the behavior changes (excessive crashing and other sensory seeking behaviors that are driving his brother nuts)  he has a runny nose.  Doesn't sound too serious...right?

Well, in our house a runny nose is like the worst illness.  I would take bodily fluids coming out any other orifice to boogers.  Gross I know.  You see, Crash HATES Kleenex, especially when he has a cold.  On a typical day he will tolerate it, but in the sensory state that he is in,there is no room for tolerance and everything will send hie over the edge into a meltdown.  There is no room for rationale thought or discussion.

In addition to his detest of Kleenex, he also hates the sensation of a runny nose.  When his brain is focused on this, there is no room for anything else.  And, of course it isn't a pleasant fixation so it results in screaming fits on the floor.  Which of course only adds fuel to the boogery mess which then becomes worse.  However, once he calms down, he comes up with a solution...

I am glad he is independent and trying to solve his problem, but using your tongue as a Kleenex is unacceptable!  Not only is it gross, it eventually makes the entire problem worse and adds a third reason for a meltdown.  You see using a tongue as a Kleeex although moist and soft initially, creates chapped skin..which cracks.  Now we are melting down because Crash's "snout" hurts...there is mucus every where...he hates Kleenex...

Thank goodness colds run their course and for Burt's Bees wax that helps heal skin quickly.