Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do you think you are over the hump?

We had a wonderful conference with Crash's preschool teacher last night.  He seems to be doing very well in class.  She is well aware of our concerns, but he is holding it together while in school 2  1/2 hours a day three times a week.  He is doing so well in fact she asked us if we felt we were over the hump in regards to his sensory concerns.   I wish we were.  My answer was simply no.  We have it more under control, but it is still a daily struggle in our house. 

Then it happened...
Today wouldn't ya know it, right after his glowing review...he had his first meltdown at school.  You see, it snowed last night for the first time all season.  The wicked first snow fall means all kinds of wicked firsts in our house as well...
  • first day for boots
  • first day for snow pants
  • first day for mandatory mittens and hats
  • first day for required coat zipping
For a child who barely tolerates jogging pants a t-shirt and shoes this is a huge shock to the sensory system.  It took 20 minutes before school to get ready and we compromised with the snow pants (they could go in the back pack).  But he made it to school.  Very much on edge, but he was present. He made it through the day with out incident, but then his teacher told the kids to put on their snow gear...


Granted she was unfairly set up last night at conferences when she was asked to please dress Crash in all of the snow gear his peers would be wearing and not to make exceptions for him.  I had my fingers crossed that he would go along with the routine and follow his friends.


A flopping fish on the floor would appropriately describe Crash.  I however remained calm and patiently waited.  I told Crash I would be over on the chair waiting and if he needed anything he could come and get me.  It does no good to engage him.   He is to big for me to struggle with and we would just get into a verbal shouting match.

So I waited...After awhile he would ask for help with a boot...then go back to flopping...and another boot...and again go back to flopping...and so the story went until he was dressed and carrying his backpack to the car.

He did it and every day this winter will hopefully get a little easier.

(I failed to mention...By the time I got the baby in the car...he was already half naked and half asleep.  That poor ordeal wore the boy out!)

So, do you think we are over the hump?