Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I guess it was Obvious

Yup.  In the previous picture, Crash was wearing a buttoned up flannel shirt and a poofy vest that was zipped up.  I am glad I caught that moment in time, because it quickly went by.

Crash woke up that morning and was all excited because we were having family friends over to visit.  His brother ran to his room to get dressed for the occasion.  Of course, doing everything his brother does, Crash ran out to get dressed as well.  I hear off in the distance a few shouts, and then some demanding statements about buttoning and zipping.  But overall it sounded like a rather civil and boy was I curious why on Earth Crash would be asking for help buttoning or zipping.  He NEVER wears clothes that require buttoning or zipping (no wonder he can't do it).  I resisted the urge to go and see what was going on.  I knew my presence would ruin whatever plan was in that pea brain of his.  So I waited...

It was well worth the wait.  For Christmas Crash and his brother received matching outfits.  His brother had worn his several times, and I left Crash's in his closet....most likely to be ignored until he outgrew it.  But, low and behold.  He put it on.  And even left the button up shirt on all day! This just goes to show me that I should not limit Crash's choices by what I think he likes.  I should leave a variety of things out there for him to try at his pace and one day I may be surprised!

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