Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm melting, I'm melting!

Well, not exactly. That is however what kept running through my head during Crash's meltdown last night.

You see, we were playing a game of Chomp, which has got to be one of his most favorite games at the moment. It's a little like War and a little like Slap Jack all rolled into one. constant motion and a lot of slapping the table... right up Crash's alley.

We were well into the game and all of a sudden I hear Crash screaming just like the Wicked Witch...I'm loosing...I'm loosing. which may have been a little funny at first, but it continued on and on...His eyes started to swell, hives started to appear and he could not get himself under control.

Dad tried redirecting, then offered choices...all while trying to keep from laughing hysterically and making the situation even worse. Of course, we were way past choices and redirection by then, and Crash is still screaming I'm loosing, I'm loosing.

So I call Crash over to my lap and try some deep pressure hugs and ask...Have you ever lost a game?

Tears now just running down his face...he sobs no...not this game it's my favorite.

So was it his favorite game because he never lost? We have only had the game a couple weeks, or was it his favorite game because it is fun to play. Thankfully, the game soon ended and Crash was willing to play a different game and the tragedy of loosing faded away.

Although being the wonderfully supportive and loving mother that I am, I had to make sure he didn't win that game as well.

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