Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rules to live by...

Two events recently have stood out in my mind of how Crash quickly creates rules to live by.  When life goes according to the rules, life is good.  And...when it goes against the rules...well, I bet you can guess what happens.  One would think rules to live by may include things that preserve your quality of life...don't touch a hot pan, bring an umbrella when it rains...and so forth.  When the rules are broken, the quality of your day tends to be impacted. 

I am sure if you could ask Crash, he would also say his rules preserve his quality of life.  And, when his rules are broken, the quality of his day is impacted.  The thing is, the rules he lives by are not the typical rules we learn as children growing up.  Most of the time the rest of the world doesn't even know about the rule until it has been violated.  Take for example, the other day Crash's grandmother offered to peel an orange for him.  Until that day, I didn't know the rule for peeling the entire church knows the rule after experiencing Crash in rare meltdown form on a Sunday morning.    One must NEVER push your thumb through the orange and pull it apart before peeling it.  Who would have thought.  Did you know pizza should only be served on movie night?  I didn't know that either, but last week we had a movie night at our house with some guests and everyone had pizza.  One time, that's it, and all of a sudden there is a rule about it. 

Of course rules are made to be broken in our house and broken they shall be.  I just find it interesting how they pop up as a way for Crash to exert control over situations.  Church can be overwhelming for him.  Lots of people and lots of behavior expectations.  He usually hold it together, but it takes a lot of energy and effort on his part.  When something violates one of his rules he doesn't have the resources left to deal with it because his system is already taxed to the max.  When your system is in this state the only thing left to do is meltdown.  Poor for dinner tonight with no movie and oranges all week that have been split apart before they are peeled.