Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hassle Time

Verb: Harass; pester.
Noun: Irritating inconvenience. 

Crash can be a, how should I phrase it, hyper verbal child at times. This can be a good thing, but at times will drive his mother batty. Take for example, oh say, the fifteen hundred reasons why he can not possibly wear underwear, or the thousand reasons why the socks in his hand are not THE short socks. The attention to detail that this child posses is mind numbing and completely exhausting. Enter Hassle Time.

This "irritating inconvenience" or "pestering" now has a name and I have a fantastic strategy for dealing with it. Crash is free to lament until his heart is content and I will happily listen to it. I just now have one eye on the clock. Before I start timing, I tell Crash I would love to listen to everything he has to say about his underwear, I am just going to start hassle time. For every second I spend, I get to redeem later on, maybe I need some quiet mommy time, or extra time to prep something for myself and he will have to wait. Crash now has to make the decision if it is worth it to "hassle" or if he should just go about his business.

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